Snow Removal

Our Mission:

to provide safe winter travel through our direction and our procedures

We accomplish this by planning long before the first snowflake hits the pavement. To be a first in class snow company it takes a lot of effort. In the offseason, we are servicing our equipment, purchasing new equipment, procuring deicing material, and doing site visits so we can have your property inspected, routed and scheduled before old man winter arrives. Once the season has begun, we monitor several meteoritical sites 24/7 so we can zero in the time our crews will start their routes. During the storm, we constantly monitor progress to make sure all of our sites are being serviced at the right intervals. Post storm, we retrace our routes and cleanup lots and re-salt if necessary.


Reduce Your Risk

Our Sites Include:

  • Retail Centers
  • Offices
  • National Chains
  • Big Box
  • Apartments
  • Home Owner's Associations

Benefits of Using Concrete Central

  • Fully staffed and accessible 24/7
  • Up to date equipment
  • Latest storm tracking technology
  • Logged times of service
  • Diverse fleet of equipment
  • Sites monitored after the storm
  • Do not use sand

Services Include:

  • Pre-Storm Treatment
  • Snow Plowing
  • Snow Shoveling
  • De-Icing Brine or Salt
  • Snow Hauling Off Site

We Specialize in Essential Businesses:

  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Warehousing
  • Distributions